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IIA Bulgaria Governing Board



Chairman of the IIA Bulgaria Governing Board

Jordan Karabinov, CIA, ACCA, MBA

My career started at PricewaterhouseCoopers Bulgaria in 1997. Since 2000 I continued working as a Manager of the Internal Audit consistently for Alcatel-Lucent, General Electric and Arvin Meritor in the Netherlands. The MBA diploma that I own is from IMD, Switzerland. Since 2008 I'm a Managing Partner at JK & Partners, which offers services in the area of internal audit and risk management. The main goals that I set myself as a Chairman of the IIA Bulgaria Governing Board are greater continuity, expanding the number of members of the Institute, reducing the cost of trainings and improving their quality and variety. My work as a Chairman will be to protect the interests of internal auditors for the various government agencies and professional organizations, as well as improving their status from the general public point of view and the employers' organizations.

Vice Chairman of the IIA Bulgaria Governing Board

Stefan Belchev,PhD, Certified Internal Auditor in Public Sector

I have been Director, Internal audit Directorate at Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria from 2006. I also combine the Control Methodology function in the public sector from 2017 in formed Control Methodology and Internal Audit Directorate at Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria. It may sound like old fashioned altruism, but I consider myself a person who is fully committed to the profession of “Internal auditor”. I believe that we – the internal auditors can contribute to making our country a better place to live and develop. We can make it possible only by working hard and cooperating with the people on whom it depends the most/ those in power– the Legislative and the Executive Authorities. This will give us invaluable credit to establish Тhe IIA Bulgaria as a professional organization with proven Management and Control values, as well as a reliable guarantor of all Internal Audit Practitioners in Bulgaria.

Members of the IIA Bulgaria Governing Board

Ognyan Todorov, Certified Internal Auditor in Public Sector

I have been working in the Control sector for more than 21 years. In 1994 I became a member of the Financial Auditors Family at State Financial Control, later in 2001 I stared a career in Internal audit – the young Control offspring (The Public Financial Inspection Agency). Going through the Internal audit Directorate at Ministry of Finance (2005-2006) and gaining theoretical experience incl. trough international experts, since November 2006 I have had the honor and pleasure to build and manage together with my colleagues the Internal Audit Unit at the National Revenue Agency. Fascinated by the idea of publicity (expressed by many of my fellow auditors) and the motto of The IIA Bulgaria (progress by sharing knowledge and experience) through my work as a member of the Governing Board of The IIA Bulgaria) I would like to contribute to the development of "best practices" in this area. I wish that our forums shared more information about our way of making things happen, and from presenting in hall type "classroom" to move on to round tables. They say that everything is already on the Internet, that the "era of Internet of Things" has come! I wonder if this is valid for internal auditors’ work???


Presently I work as a Head of “Public sector at Grant Thornton Ltd. As a part of this company for seven years now I have been working for more than four years in the field of information technology and more particularly in the area of information security and systems integration. In order to make the internal audit popular and respected profession we should work towards promoting the profession among senior management in the private and public sector; to make the IIA Bulgaria an organization which represents to its members methodology and professional guidance. Last but not least to make the IIA Bulgaria be as a lawyer and independent guarantor for the security of those who practice the profession of internal audit in Bulgaria. I am in charge of the project work and management of the website of IIA Bulgaria.

Valentin Angelov, CIA, CRMA, Certified Internal Auditor in Public Sector

Elena Kyurkchiyska, Certified Internal Auditor in Public Sector

Through my professional experience in the field of internal audit, internal control, finance and accounting I have been taking positions such as: Auditor, Chief Financial Auditor and State Internal Auditor in the Public Financial Inspection Agency at the Ministry of Finance, Chief Expert at the Financial Management and Control Central Harmonization Unit Division and the Internal Audit Central Harmonization Unit Division in the "Internal Control" Directorate at the Ministry of Finance, Head of Internal Audit Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affair, financier of a diplomatic mission abroad, and since the beginning of 2011, I work as a Director of the "Internal Audit" Department at theBG Bulgarian National Televiquot;Times New RomanCIA, CGAP lang=BGfont-family: Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 9pt;quot;Times New Romansion. Additionally I have experience as a lecturer on financial management and control and internal audit in PFS at the Ministry of Finance and in various projects. I am a member of IIA Bulgaria since its establishment and since 2010- a  member of ACFE. In IIA Bulgaria my responsibilities are mainly connected with the work of the Membership and Ethics Commission. More precisely I am involved with the development of the profession "Internal Auditor" and I actively take part in its promotion, as well as attracting new members to IIA Bulgaria.

Denislav Sokolov, Certified Internal Auditor in Public Sector

Principles of the activities of the Governing Board click here. Available only in Bulgarian.



IIA Bulgaria Control Board



Chairman of the IIA Bulgaria Control Board

Snezhina Stavreva, CIA, CGAP, CRMA, CISA

Members of of the IIA Bulgaria Control Board

Mariya Ilieva, CGAP, Certified Internal Auditor in Public Sector

Yanaki Yanakiev, CRMA, Certified Internal Auditor in Public Sector



Commissions, supporting the activities of the Governing Board

The principles of the activities of the Commissions are available only in Bulgarian.

Membership and Ethics Commission (Principles of the activity)

Certification and Training Commission (Principles of the activity)

Commission for popularization of the profession (Principles of the activity)


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