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IIA Bulgaria is the exclusive representative of the International Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA Inc.) in the Republic of Bulgaria– a global association of the internal auditors, established in 1941 and uniting more than 175 000 professionals all over world.

IIA Bulgaria is established in June 2003 and up to now  it has more than 500 members – professionals in the fields of internal audit, financial control and risk management. Our members are working in all business fields – private companies, banks, insurance companies and public sector organizations.

IIA Bulgaria is a member of the European Confederation of the Institutes of Internal Auditors (ECIIA) – an organization including institutes from 35 European and Mediterranean countries with more than 40 000 members.


The mission of IIA Bulgaria is to encourage and support the development of the internal audit in Bulgaria in its capacity of professional organization representing and developing the internal audit theory and practice.

In carrying out its mission the IIA Bulgaria:

- Promotes and builds a respect towards the role of the internal auditors through supporting their career development and improvement;

- Advocates the internal audit as prestigious and respected profession in Bulgaria;

- Delivers a high-quality professional education and opportunities for development of the internal auditors by ensuring their access to professional standards, practical guides and different certification programs;

- Researches, spreads and promotes the knowledge and awareness of the role of internal audit, internal control, risk management and corporate governance in the organizations from the private and public sector;

- Ensures that all internal auditors have the chance to share knowledge and information.


The strategic plan of IIA Bulgaria is endorsing the following goals, synchronized with the expectations of the IIA Inc.:

- Reformation of the concept of internal auditing at national level;

- Conversion of IIA Bulgaria into a center of methodological support for any issues related to internal audit;

- Strengthening of the role of IIA Bulgaria, as the only internationally recognized organization of the internal auditors in Bulgaria, as a guarantee for the development in the profession of the internal auditor by raising the level of the organization to an official professional organization.

What has to be done?

We believe that the achievement of all those ambitious goals ahead of the institute will be achieved by the united efforts of all members and by the complete dedication of the Governing board.

In the process of achieving those goals we will:

- start a broad public initiative for the unification of the normative framework for internal audit in Bulgaria through endorsement of new legislation in this field and for conversion of IIA Bulgaria into an official professional organization;

- we will transform IIA Bulgaria into an organization producing methodological guides tailored according to the needs of its members and the circumstances in Bulgaria;

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